St. Feichin's Way, Fore

St. Feichin's Way is a 3km Looped Walk around the beautiful and historic landscape of Fore village, allowing visitors to explore this early Christian settlement. The trail also includes a pretty fairy village along a woodland section of the route. Car parking facilities and a friendly welcome are available for visitors and the Fore Abbey coffee shop offers refreshments and home-baked goodies.

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Fore Abbey is the site where St Feichin founded a Christian monastery in the 7th Century.  It’s believed that before his death, 300 monks lived in the community.  Later, the monastery was set on fire 12 times.  Among the remains on site is St Fechin’s church, built about 900 AD, and one of the 18 Fore crosses, the rest of which are spread out over 10 kilometres on roadways and in fields.

The 'Seven Wonders of Fore' are a unique feature where visitors can marvel: "the monastery in the bog, the mill without a race, the water that flows uphill, the tree that has three branches, the tree that won’t burn, the water that won’t boil, the anchorite in a stone and the stone lintel raised by St Fechin’s prayers

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St. Feichin's Way, Fore
St. Feichin's Way, Fore