Cloncrow Bog and Village Trail will guide you through one of the few remaining intact Raised Bogs in the Midlands and on through the village of Tyrrellspass where you can explore its rich and unique Architectural and Historic heritage. 

From the Boardwalk you will encounter bogland plants which have adapted to an anaerobic acidic environment. The amazing Sundew is a carnivorous plant which feeds on insects who are attracted to the sticky blob on its tentacles. The Sphagnum mosses derive all their nutrients from rainfall while the Bog asphodel fixes nitrogen from the air to its root system.  Rare and threatened Butterflies and Moths live happily in this environment while the skylark and meadow pipit sing sweetly from the skies.

Thousands of years of accumulated peat stores a vast amount of carbon and while our bogs remain wet this carbon store will remain sequestered.  The highlights of the village trail are around the Green to the east and the Tyrrell Castle to the West with much more to be explored along the way.  

This Trail is 3.5 km long and is stepped in places and not suitable for Buggies. It has been designed for the Casual Walker.

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Address: Tyrrellspass, Westmeath

Cloncrow Bog and Village Trail Tyrrellspass