Discover the ancient craft of pewter making at this traditional workshop and gift gallery. A visit to Mullingar Pewter is a step back into the past, as most items at this workshop and gift gallery are still made in the old traditional way. Staff are trained in the ancient casting method, meticulous assembly and delicate hand finishing. Items are hand turned to a high finish and the soldering requires both patience and skill. The workshop, gift shop and coffee shop are located at The Downs, just outside Mullingar town and less than a minute's walk or cycle from the Royal Canal Greenway.
Mullingar Pewter is the last remaining pewter workshop of its kind in Ireland. The 800 year old tradition of pewter making in the old traditional methods is now a dying art. The design and production of pewter utensils in this method is unique to Mullingar Pewter and is probably the last remaining cast iron mould, hand casting pewter factory in Western Europe.

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Address: The Downs, Mullingar, Westmeath
T: +353 44 934 8791

Mullingar Pewter