Seán’s Bar

Seán's Bar is a pub in the town of Athlone that is Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to AD 900.  In 2004 Guinness World Records listed Seán's Bar as the oldest pub in Europe.  Seán's Bar is located at 13 Main Street, Athlone, on the west bank of the River Shannon in central Ireland, and was originally known as "Luain's Inn".  It is often colloquially referred to simply as "Seán's".

This is a place steeped in history and you can still see the wattle and wicker walls on display.  Listed in both “25 of the Most Incredible Bars in the World” and “50 Bars to Blow Your Mind” by Lonely Planet, a visit to Seán’s is a must!  Pop in any night of the week and you’ll also see live music, laughter and an atmosphere like nowhere else.

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Address: 13 Main St, Westmeath
T: +353 (0)90 6492358

Seán’s Bar
Seán’s Bar