Mullingar Town Park and Skateboard Park

The Town Park is located in one of the most historic areas of Mullingar. The River Brosna which flows through the western side of the Park is the reason there is a town of Mullingar at all. The Anglo-Normans chose to settle here because of the existence of the Brosna. At that time, it was easier to travel across Ireland by water than by land. Originally the river flowed through what is now the centre of the park where the pond is.

Mullingar Town Park is a public park located in the town centre The park includes a great childrens playground, a swimming pool, walking trails and a large pond near the centre. This park is one of 22 public spaces in Ireland to be awarded a Green Flag, an award that recognises park that are managed in an environmentally sustainable way.   The town park opened in the 1960s and has been enhanced over the years - a skateboard park and free wifi are the latest additions to the park’s amenities.

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Address: Pearse St, Westmeath

Mullingar Town Park Stakeboard Park
Mullingar Town Park and Skateboard Park