Culture Night

Originally written and performed by Jody O’Neill and directed by Louise Lowe as part of Draíocht’s Home Theatre Ireland. This will be performed on Fri 23rd Sept at 7pm in the Water Street Association Hall in Castlepollard.

Lizzie, a listener, is a creature of habit. She sticks to the same routine, day after day after day after month after month after year until… The Day That Everything Changes. But we’ll come back to that later…
Writer’s note:
I wrote Yellow as a relaxed performance. It’s about a woman called Lizzie, who works in the shredding department of a newspaper company. She is someone who has had the same routine forever and ever. She makes rules for herself and lives by them – for example, she likes double letters, so wears dresses and boots, rather than skirts and shoes; never eats pancakes in Ireland, but would happily have pfannkuchen in Dusseldorf.
And then one day, Lizzie sleeps through her alarm clock, and her routine (and life) changes as a result – in the chaos of running behind time, she takes the wrong lunch in the canteen – salad sandwich instead of egg roll – and discovers that she likes salad sandwiches! Yellow is comedic and uplifting but also has a strong emotional core. It’s celebratory in that Lizzie doesn’t really have to change to find happiness…she just has to let go a little!

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Yellow, One Woman Play
Culture Night