Hill of Uisneach

We are excited to bring to you a morning of culture and heritage for National Heritage Week on Saturday, 20th August 11:00 - 14:00, here on the Hill of Uisneach.

Two extremely interesting topics will be focused on, in the hope that we can learn a little more about our surrounding landscapes - "The Nature of Food" with Kate Egan @ 11:00, followed by; "Field and Place Names" with Dr Aengus Finnegan @ 13:30.

To register your interest in attending, please email your name and number of people attending with you to: info@uisneach.ie. This event is free, as will be the warm welcome and the cuppa afterwards !

The Nature of Food:
A walk and talk about the importance of designing our food systems with provision for Nature and how we can look to the intelligence of Nature's systems to learn better methods and produce better food, for health and our environment. We will walk together over Uisneach Hill and discuss what amazing opportunities exist for food, farming and nature in the future.

Field and Place Names:
The names of fields and other local features are a valuable part of our local heritage and many of them have not been formally recorded; often the names survive only in oral tradition. Field names are being lost as land changes ownership and as members of the older generations pass on. Field names can tell us much about our local area how people appreciated the physical landscape, its hills and hollows, streams, and bogs; but also its history and traditions, from holy wells, to fairy forts, old settlements, and estates.

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Hill of Uisneach